Andrea Loewen Nair is available to speak to your group in person or online about a variety of parenting and teaching topics. Book Andrea for a conference presentation or keynote speech, school/ community/ church parenting education night discussion, or a professional development workshop for teachers.

Andrea has been to many boring, dry presentations—she knows how hard those are to sit through! Using humour, Andrea makes sure her audience has a good time, feels connected with her, and takes away usable information that will make a difference.


For Conference Keynote Presentations or Speeches

• How Moms Can Improve Their Work/ Life Balance
• Connecting With Kids When You Have to be Away From Them
• How to Write About Our Children While Keeping Them Safe
• Growing a Facebook Community
• Any parenting topic!

For Teachers

• Positive Discipline in the Classroom
• How Teachers Can Connect With Students to Improve Relationships and Outcomes
• Helping “Troubled” Kids: understanding what is happening in the mind and heart of a defiant child, and what can be done to help that child and his/ her family
• Core Beliefs: understanding more about the brain and how to inspire the best in our students
• How To Teach To Increase a Love of Learning

For Physicians

Andrea is the co-owner of The Core Family Health Centre, a family medical clinic in London, ON , Canada. She speaks at physician conferences about helpful parenting resources doctors can provide for their patients.

Please click on the PDF link Quick Parenting Resource Guide to download a free copy of the handout provided to family doctor and paediatrician offices, as well as daycares and schools. This handout includes a list of resources for sleeping, eating, pottying, behaviour and tantrums. (You are welcome to copy and print this)

For Parents

Andrea does presentations on parenting topics from toddlers to teens. Some of her most popular talks are about:

• Building a Strong Relationship With Your Teenager
• Helping Teenagers To Reduce Their Stress: Identifying coping strategies for handling hard days.
• Connect Four Parenting: What the four pillars of “connect four parenting” are and why they are important to help your child (and you!) have a happy life.
• Understanding Defiance: why children talk back, ignore us, or become aggressive and what we can do to change that.
• What To Do When Your Child Is Having a Tantrum
• How To Thrive While Parenting Toddlers
• The A, B, C, D, E, F & P, P of Taming Tantrums (for children of any age) Here is the handout for that talk: ABCDEFPP
• Core Beliefs: Understanding positive and negative core beliefs and how the development of those changes the mood and behaviour of our children.

For Parenting/ Mommy-groups

Andrea Loewen Nair is available to have a private one-hour Skype chat with your parenting or mommy-group from anywhere in the world! For small groups (less than fifteen people), Andrea can deliver a parenting presentation and be available to talk about the parenting topic of your choice.

Purchase your group session for $100 CAN by clicking the “Buy Now” button below and email Andrea at andrea@infinityschool.ca to discuss the theme and book the best time for your group.




Infinity School





This September, Andrea Loewen Nair and her husband Vineet began London’s newest independent school: Infinity School.

What if you were to design a school from scratch, using what we now know about education, children, psychology and technology? What would that truly 21st century school look like? We believe it would look like Infinity School!

Using the Acton Academy model, our students (we call them heroes!) focus on learning to achieve mastery and competency rather than time-based learning to get a passing grade. In a multi-age, one-room schoolhouse environment, we create learning communities where peers help and challenge one another.

Core skills are developed by each student using self-directed, self-paced methods, and technology where appropriate. We allow students to learn on their own by providing a safe space to try, make mistakes, and by using Socratic teaching methods where we ask more questions than we answer. The learning is organized into projects and quests to demonstrate real-world experiences and provide context and meaning to their subject material. We continually inspire and motivate our heroes through examples of dedication, character, determination, hard work, and the success (in whatever form) that will bring.

To learn more, visit the website at http://infinityschool.ca/.