Parenting Support Consultations

If you would like to book an individual parenting consultation with Andrea Loewen Nair or another member of our Connect Four Parenting Counsellor team, please read through the following.

In order to best help you and your family, we have created a system to gather information, get to know you, and create an action plan to facilitate achieving your goals.

We conduct our face-to-face time consultations using Skype. This has proven to be quite effective so everyone can be present for the appointment in the comfort of your home, without needing to get a babysitter. It is best if all of the people involved in the primary care of the child are present. If you have a Skype recorder, you are welcome to record our chat (but not share that with anyone).

Each client will be given a client-number, which you will use to fill in your forms. This way, any information that is being sent electronically or through the mail does not have your identifying information and can be kept confidential. Once your material is received, it is printed, placed into a file that goes in a locked filing cabinet, and deleted electronically.

How to Book a Consultation

First, decide on the type of support you need. Do you have a quick question or would you like to have more help? We’ve create a selection of packages to cover your needs! Please note that the services provided are by a registered/ certified counsellor or psychotherapist, and may be covered by your extended health-care provider or employer. The prices below are based on the average fee for a mental health professional, which is $100 per hour.

Parenting Support Packages

This package is for one hour of face-to-face time, the necessary history and intake form information gathering and assessment, written action plan, and two follow-up fifteen minute phone calls/ Skype chats.

Package details:

  • Completion of in-depth questionnaire and intake forms, which are assessed by your counsellor
  • One hour Skype appointment
  • Based on the information gathered through the questionnaire and in-person session, your counsellor will complete a written action plan, sending that to you via email. This plan will include resources and further reading, if appropriate.
  • After you have had time to try the things in your action plan, you will book your first fifteen-minute follow-up appointment. We suggest you do this within a month of your one-hour consultation.
  • The second fifteen-minute chat will be about two weeks after your first one.
Price: $275 CAN


Two hours of face-to-face time, history and intake form information gathering and assessment, written action plan, and two follow-up fifteen-minute phone calls/ Skype chats.

Package details:

  • In addition to all of the elements in Package One, a second Skype chat hour will be booked approximately two weeks after the first one.
  • The two fifteen-minute follow-up appointments will be booked in the month following the second Skype chat.
Price: $375 CAN

Use this package after you have already completed Package One or Package Two for more support or in-depth counselling as required.

Package details:

  • One-hour of face-to-face Skype time with your counsellor
Price: $100 CAN

After you select your parenting-counselling package, please email us at to book and pay for your sessions.