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Remembering Victor Loewen: Teacher, Curler, Golfer, Self-Learner

On Thursday, June 27th, at the age of seventy-six, Victor Loewen of Ste. Anne, MB passed away peacefully with his loving sister by his side after a three-year journey with multiple myeloma.  He was born June 14, 1943 on the family farm near present-day New Bothwell, MB. His parents were Tina Funk and Jacob Loewen [...]

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Feeling inadequate and overtired has become common in motherhood. Let’s change that.

It isn’t surprising to me that the article The Myth of CEO Work-Life Balance has been blowing up the Internet this week. I posted it on my professional Facebook page and it is becoming one of the most shared articles there this year. When I first read it, I was shouting, “YES” like the Internet [...]

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Helping our girls move from “mean” to “confident”

We used to see “mean girl” behaviour happening more in the upper elementary grades but now notice it occurs as early as preschool classrooms. In a recent parenting workshop I conducted, a parent asked me, “Am I crazy or is this little girl already behaving like a ‘mean girl’ at age four!?” Unfortunately I am [...]

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Mont Tremblant: A Great Family Vacation Destination

This October our family had a week off without a clear destination in mind. We decided to stay north of the 49 for this vacation because our country is a glorious, massive nation filled with stunning beauty and people! Also, we do love going to the US but felt uneasy about doing so given the [...]

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Top Parenting Resources (both for laughs & help)

If you’ve been following my writing for a while, you’ll be familiar with my “best of” or “favourite resources” posts. I like to survey my readers and colleagues about twice a year to find the parenting resources they find the most helpful. This one is a little bit different: I am certainly including the expert-based [...]

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Momcation: Time To Recharge and Have Fun in NYC

Laura Markham, PhD recently wrote about “radical self care” on her Facebook page. I love the word radical as is applies to taking care of ourselves as parents. I am certainly a radically different parent when I am rested and my buckets are full than when I’m not. A few years ago I discovered something [...]

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You Cut the Toast the “Wrong” Way: Here’s What To Do Now

Before having children, I didn’t realize that it was possible to cut toast the “wrong” way, or “break” the banana, prematurely stir the yogurt, or use the incorrect colour of plate. But parents of toddlers know that this is a THING—actually, quite a stressful thing. I remember the last time I mistakenly put butter on [...]

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Steps To Calming Yourself Down When Emotions Rise Up

I believe that being able to calm ourselves in the throes of emotional intensity is one of the most valuable parenting skills to develop. The wild behaviour that can happen when our rage hijacks us can seriously damage the relationship with our children, grow negative core beliefs in their minds, and inadvertently teach our kids [...]

Temper Tamer: How To Make And Use A Calm-Down Jar

One of the hardest skills for any person to develop is how to stop an emotional and physical eruption from happening or how to cool ourselves down once it has. We call these explosions “tantrums” in children, but adults have these, too. I call an adult freak-out a bigtrum: big person tantrum. While reading Jamie [...]