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How To Be An Empathetic Parent, Even When That Feels Hard

Sometimes when I watch my child crumple into a screeching, sobbing mess at my feet, all I hear in my head is, You have got to be kidding me! I don't have time for this! I can't feel his pain, I can't understand his mind and I can't find empathy for him. The thing is, [...]

Steps To Calming Yourself Down When Emotions Rise Up

I believe that being able to calm ourselves in the throes of emotional intensity is one of the most valuable parenting skills to develop. The wild behaviour that can happen when our rage hijacks us can seriously damage the relationship with our children, grow negative core beliefs in their minds, and inadvertently teach our kids [...]

This is What Every Stressed Out Parent of a Toddler Needs

I won’t forget the day I slumped into bed, sobbing uncontrollably, thinking, “I actually don’t know if I can do this,” which was the moment I knew myself and my family were in trouble. This was spending another day as a mother of a one and three-year-old. All my education and psychotherapy training didn’t seem to be working—sure, [...]

Being Mindful Of Our Nice To Nag Ratio

It can be very hard to be kind to a child who continually pushes our buttons. I know; I just spent the last two hours calming myself when my youngest son woke me up early then proceeded to throw things, hit me, then not eat the cereal we fought about making for half an hour. [...]