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Rough Night? Seven Tips To Handling Sleep Deprivation

As I drag myself off the floor where my three-year-old and five-year-old are happily playing, I am trying to summon motivation to help stop feeling sorry for my tired body that was kept up last night by a feverish child. Life has to go on today—no calling in sick here! How many of you are [...]

June 9th, 2015|Experiences in Action|3 Comments

Temper Tamer: How To Make And Use A Calm-Down Jar

One of the hardest skills for any person to develop is how to stop an emotional and physical eruption from happening or how to cool ourselves down once it has. We call these explosions “tantrums” in children, but adults have these, too. I call an adult freak-out a bigtrum: big person tantrum. While reading Jamie [...]