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15 Ways to Respond to Unwanted Parenting Advice

From the moment your baby bump starts to show, others are likely to provide unsolicited advice or comment on your parenting strategies. The motivation for unsolicited advice is interesting. Some people are genuinely concerned with helping, whereas others might be attempting to steal power from you by asserting a false parenting superiority. The comments I [...]

  • What is your Nice-to-nag ratio? It could be affecting your relationship with your child.

What is Your Nice-to-Nag Ratio?

One of the most liked comments on my Facebook page was, "Wow. Three-year-olds can be crazy making." It can be very hard to be kind to a child who continually pushes our buttons. I know; I’ve been in the “parenting trenches.” I’ve spent hours trying to calm myself when my youngest son woke me up [...]

Negative Core Beliefs: How They Affect Kids and What To Do

When children do the things they naturally do, like push limits, ignore instructions, explore beyond their ability, or act inappropriately, it is our job as parents to redirect them to the behaviour that is acceptable. While disciplining children, it is important for parents, teachers, and coaches to understand that how they do this redirection or [...]

February 8th, 2016|Core Beliefs|0 Comments

Understanding The Difference Between Loud And Hurtful Yelling

I read the report published by the University of Pittsburgh regarding a study about “harsh verbal discipline,” and then I read K.J. Dell’Antonia’s (editor for The New York Times Motherlode) lament about not buying into the researcher’s comments—that this study deems us all “bad parents” because it is impossible to not yell. I hear you [...]

August 1st, 2015|Core Beliefs|1 Comment

Reducing Parenting Battles With The “When/ Then”

One simple parenting technique can seriously improve the relationship with your children! This gem is called a “When/Then.” I heard about this technique through Amy McCready, founder of Positive Parenting Solutions and author of If I Have To Tell You One More Time… This technique is a way to communicate with your children positively rather than [...]

June 8th, 2015|Articles, Core Beliefs|1 Comment