Helping our girls move from “mean” to “confident”

We used to see “mean girl” behaviour happening more in the upper elementary grades but now notice it occurs as early as preschool classrooms. In a recent parenting workshop I conducted, a parent asked me, “Am I crazy or is this little girl already behaving like a ‘mean girl’ at age four!?” Unfortunately I am [...]

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Meet the parents who started their own school and became global education leaders

When you meet Jeff and Laura Sandefer, you first notice how warm both of their smiles are. Laura in particular is someone you just want to sit beside but you’re not entirely sure why. Maybe it’s the hint of a southern lilt in her voice or that she looks at you so intently you feel [...]

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Mont Tremblant: A Great Family Vacation Destination

This October our family had a week off without a clear destination in mind. We decided to stay north of the 49 for this vacation because our country is a glorious, massive nation filled with stunning beauty and people! Also, we do love going to the US but felt uneasy about doing so given the [...]

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Cirque du Soleil’s “Ovo” is a Wonderful Family Show

Our family attended the opening night of Cirque du Soleil’s OVO at Budweiser Gardens in London, ON. This was my first Cirque show and the first real performance experience for my boys other than music concerts. They were both very excited to go – they are eight and ten-years-old – and I am very happy [...]

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According to Moms of Young Children, These are the Gifts They Love

Are you looking to buy a gift or do something special for a woman who has young children? Consider these ideas suggested by mothers themselves. For those close to moms of young ones, please know that many of these mamas are often short on energy, sleep, free time, fun, validation, feeling sexy, and stimulating adult [...]

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“Low & Slow”: My Fav Parenting Mantra

My youngest son loves to help in the kitchen. One day when he asked my sister if he could stir the spaghetti sauce on the stove, I shuddered at the thought of red sauce being flicked out of the pot, but she calmly responded: “Sure. Be low and slow.” He looked at her, smiled, and [...]

The Power of Words: Choosing Ones that Help our Children

Have you heard of positive and negative core beliefs before? These are the beliefs we hold of ourselves, other people, and the world based on our life experiences. These beliefs happen as a result of decisions or interpretations we make about situations we encounter. For example, when a child continually tries to build a tower, [...]

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I Think About Death Much More Since Becoming a Mom

Growing up in a small, isolated mining community far away from large cities in my childhood and teenaged years, I don’t recall really being aware of death. In our isolation, likely also do to the absence of the Internet at that time, we didn’t hear that much about death. Sure, if you watched one of the two [...]

What to do When Your Child or Student Says, “I’m Stupid.”

One of the most painful things to hear our children or students say is: “I’m stupid” or “I’m dumb.” Our first reaction might be to utter something to counter their statement like, “No, you’re not!” but that response may actually not be helpful. Using phrases that show our children how to address their negative core [...]

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10 Phrases That Are Helping Me Be a Better Parent

I walked up my stairwell the other day, past the pictures of my children when they were one and three, and suddenly froze. I trot past those pictures many times a day, but for some reason I stopped this time and stared deeply into their young eyes. My own eyes started to water, as feelings [...]

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