About Andrea Loewen Nair


Andrea decided to make the leap from her ten year high-school teaching career into the counselling field after growing more interested in the fascinating dynamic between her students and their parents. After completing a Masters of Arts degree in Counselling Psychotherapy, she began seeing clients in private practice.

And then her children were born.

Andrea jokes that her two boys decided she was going to become a parenting educator, not her. Out of desperation and necessity, Andrea dove into research, books and her colleague’s offices when her own maternal instinct didn’t seem to be kicking in. She found parenting way more challenging than fun and needed to turn that around—for herself and her family.

Andrea found that the Internet and store bookshelves were flooded with parenting information that was often too hard to understand and even harder to implement (with sleep deprivation and a screaming three-year-old throwing things at her).

Convinced parenting didn’t have to be this difficult, she committed to translating what we know about brain-science, positive parenting methods, family dynamics, the ghosts in our closets, and relationships with our partners into usable, practical solutions that parents could use with one eye open.

Andrea created Connect Four Parenting to help parents raise their children the best way they can. To learn more about the pillars of Connect Four, click here.

Her journey to better understanding the heart and mind of children, as well as how they best learn, has sparked a new direction in Andrea’s path. In September, 2016, along with her husband, Andrea opened up Infinity School, an affiliate of Acton Academy. We invite you to read through those two websites to learn about this revolutionary schooling system.


Andrea is a member of:

The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA), and
The American Psychotherapy Association

She has studied trauma recovery and has certification in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).